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Name:Caradoc ("Doc") Reuben Dearborn
Location:Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hey there! My name's Caradoc Dearborn; call me "Doc"-- and PLEASE do NOT call me "Cary"! Heh...

Anyway, well... what to say about me...? I mean, I'm technically "from" the series about this boy who was my good mate's son, Harry Potter (James Potter and Lily Evans Potter were obviously my mates, being in the Order of the Phoenix together!) but-- I never actually showed up in the damned books, save as a photograph of the "Old Order", from the 1970s! My writer, here, was very disappointed by that, obviously, and thus-- she kept me alive in her own head... Even though they "never found [my] body", well. She likes to come up with various stories about just how and what became of me! My personal favourite? An "AU" wherein Erik von Riese (a bloody Knight of the Round Table turned immortal vampire fighting all evil EVERYWHERE!) actually rescued me from certain death, and thus-- gained an ally in the whole "fighting evil" business, but-- unfortunately I could not return to my family....

ANYWAY! Well...

The writer-type person who is typing for me, here, would like to register that her personal favourite is a universe wherein I wound up Memory-Charmed half to death by a fellow Auror who didn't want to face up to the fact that he'd killed a bloody civilian by accident, and thus-- I had to go... Or at least, my memories had to. I don't get the appeal of this universe myself; I mean, my little girls grew up without a daddy, and then found out that I was not dead (or, you know, Undead!) when Harry went to visit his damned "Aunt Marge" in the damned Muggle NURSING HOME that I was dumped into by that same Auror who Memory-charmed me straight into a "real-life" version of "Memento" (whatever that is supposed to mean; it was a contribution by the writer-type person here!). Anyway-- well. I do think it's cruel-- bloody cruel-- to make my kids grow up without their daddy, when I was just "down the road" in an old people's home... When I wasn't even that old!

Anyway, point is, I'm really the intellectual property of Mrs JK Rowling, excepting of course the various non-canonical universes mentioned above. I'm fake as fictional gets, and I still consider myself real, even if I am not corporeal strictly...

[[Mun and muse are both 21+! Played-By is Joshua Stewart, who is not this mun nor does he belong to her, sadly! Mun is ALSO not JK Rowling, and thus-- none of this is strictly her own intellectual property.]]
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